Maria was the main antagonist of the Duke Nukem comic book story Duke Nukem: Glorious Bastard.


Maria was the leader of the Vrilerinnen, a group of ancient and seemingly immortal human-alien hybrids. Originally, she and her four subordinates allied themselves with the Nazis. But when the Germans began to lose the war in 1945, Maria realized it was time to find new allies. She killed Adolf Hitler's SS liason General Jürgen Hoff, and had her alien minions teleported in to kill almost all of the Nazis present except the scientists, who she needed for her plans. She also spared a number of SS troops outside the base, who, unaware of Hoff's death, continued to take orders from Maria and guard the facility.

Duke Nukem was teleported back in time from the future by former French Resistance member Elise Plewmann, to assist her younger self in fighting the Vrilerinnen. Aided by British officer Major-General Conner Sean and Ameircan soldier Corporal Flip Henry, they captured Nazi scientist Dr. Sigmund Fraud and learned about the Vrilerinnen, their alignment with the aliens Duke had fought before, and their location. They then launched an all-out assault on the Vrilerinnen-held Nazi base, killing almost all of the SS guards as well as the Vrilerinnen's alien allies.

Her fellow Vrilerinnen Talina suggested they escape in their spaceship. Maria's second in command Daniel agreed, but Maria insisted on remaining to confront Nukem. She considered him the pinnacle of human perfection for her plans of world conquest and creating a master race like her own. She insisted he join her. Before he could either refuse or deny (not that he would've agreed), Maria was stabbed from behind by Elise Plewmann and killed.