Margo Thorness, is the secondary antagonist of the 2006 film Material Girls. She is portrayed by Judy Tenuta.

Material Girls

Margo is first seen on KLAE TV Show Evils of the Epidermis when a scandal involves during Ava and Tanzie's late father's cosmetics company causing everyone to leave. She is then seen on television telling her doctor that she always had perfect skin and wanted good moisturizer.

Ava and Tanzie then stop by her house to speak to her about her skin problems. When she first sees them, she shuts her window and then answers the door when Tanzie knocks on her door. She tells the girls about her reconstructive surgeries and that she had never had any skin problems. Margo is a shy, delicate flower and really doesn't like being photographed and has lots of her cats. She then checks her watch and realizes that she needs to get to church on Wednesday and rudely kicks the Marchetta sisters out of her house. When Ava and Tanzie's car breaks down, her next door neighbor cruelly tells the girls that he would set a damn cat on fire if it got on his property and throws it in the car scaring Ava and Tanzie.