A million hugs and kisses and I'll be here until morning.
~ Margaret's saying to Lisa and her final words before incarceration.

Margaret Smith was a minor villain in the British soap opera Hollyoaks. She made her first appearance in 2015.


In the past, Margaret had black hair and seemed to be very kind. In the present, Margaret had black hair similar to Simone Loveday, she had dark skin and spoke in the same way as Simone did.



In 2001, Margaret was a well known friend of Joanne Cardsley, a co-worker of Simone. Joanne had told Margaret about how Simone had moaned about her life, so Margaret decided to kidnap Lisa, Simone's daughter. She told them that Simone, Louis and Zack all died in a car accident, disturbed by this, Lisa comes with Margaret, and the two live together.


In 2008, Lisa meets Sonia Albright & Jade Albright, two sisters on holiday. Sonia and Lisa become friends quickly, and are best friends. Margaret hates seeing Lisa with other people, and quickly forces her to leave. An argument breaks out between Margaret, Sonia, Jade and Elaine (Sonia and Jade's stepmother), and the the family are told never to speak to one another again.


In 2015, Sonia returns and pretends to be Lisa for a whole year.


Margaret returns when Joanne helps Zack and Sonia to find her. Margaret is taken back to Hollyoaks to be arrested, after serious questioning, Simone and Louis turn up, and Simone hits her, Lisa walks in, and asks what is happening, Simone and Louis are shocked. Margaret cries. Margaret is arrested after an emotional discussion with Lisa who watches her second mother be taken away.