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Margaret is, and always will be, a mystery. Nothing happened in her life to justify the way she is. Some people aren't looking for anything logical, they can't be bought, reasoned or negotiated with. Sometimes man just wants to watch the world burn.
~ Gaylord Robinson telling Gumball and Darwin about her villainy
Margaret Robinson is a puppet who is a minor recurring antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is the wife of Gaylord Robinson and the mother of Rocky Robinson, and she lives in the Elmore next door to the Wattersons with her husband. She made his first appearance in the season one episode The Debt. She is the main antagonist in the season 4 episode The Wicked.


As the quote explains, Margaret Robinson really has no reason on why she is evil. In The Wicked, photos of her youth show her setting the school on fire on her first day of school and occupying a boat while her brother is drowning.

Villainous Roles

Season 1

  • The Wand: She and her husband spot Richard in the backyard, and they laugh at him.

Season 3

  • The Boss: While her husband was in the hospital, she takes his wallet to go on a cruise and almost married one of the sailors.

Season 4

  • The Wicked: She is the main antagonist as she:
    • Feeds squirrels coffee beans to harm the citizens and blamed Gumball and Darwin for her punishment of community service.
    • Almost runs over Gumball and Darwin on purpose.
    • Slams the door on the mail man.
    • Puts a butterfly in a spider web
    • Knocks down people's trash cans filled with garbage.
    • Cuts Mr. Small's flowers with his hedge clippers
    • Takes out a stranger's mail and throws it on the sidewalk.
    • Throws a bucket of paint on Principal Brown's car.
    • Steals a businessman's wallet.
    • Used a spray can to change the speed limit sign from 30 to 800.
    • Knocks down a child's ice cream, uses a glass to catch and drink from his tears, and throws the glass on him.
    • Throws the car keys in an almost closed window. While the owner was trying to reach for them, she slightly taps the car so that he along with the car rolls down the hill.
    • Jumps on cars causing them to break.
    • Swaps the name tags of different babies in a hospital
    • Spills a lot of soap on the floor causing someone to slip.
    • Closes the door slowly while smiling at Darwin choking on a toy.
    • Steals a car and drives it into the mall. She also blames Gumball and Darwin for her actions.

At the climax of the episode, she crashes her car into traffic poles, gets shot in the air by a massive gas explosion, gets hit by an airplane, and finally gets hit by an ambulance, thus receiving her comeuppance.

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