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Marcus Proculus is the secondary antagonist in the 2014 film Pompeii.

He was portrayed by Sasha Roiz.

He is the right-hand man of the Senator Quintas Corvus, a highly corrupt and ruthless senator in the employ of the Roman emperor Titus. He first appears next to his master and his orders, he execute all Celts survivors of the village (wich, a young boy named Milo survives).

Many years later, he accompagnies his master Corvus in Pompeii.

Later, he watches alongside Corvus, Cassia, Severus (the ruler of Pompeii and Cassia's father) and Aurelia (the wife of Severus and Cassia's mother) the battle between Milo, now a gladitor, and Atticus (the best gladitor of Pompeii's arena and Milo's friend) and mans equiped as Romans. After Milo and Atticus win the battle, Proculus stops a spear that Milo has hurling at Corvus. Corvus then sent him to fight Milo one-on-one, wich Proculus gained the upper hand...

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