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Marcus Penn is the secondary antagonist in the 1995 film Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

He is portrayed by Everett McGill.


Penn is the tall, imposing, platinum blonde leader of a highly-trained mercenary group (some of whom were actually trained by Casey Ryback, himself). He is almost always cold and stoic, very rarely showing any emotion even when angered (and gets violent the few times he does show his anger). He is always seen wearing a leather jacket, which he is apparently fond of. In close combat he favors the Gerber Mark II combat knife, and uses it with swift, bloody efficiency.

Penn is a gung-ho military man—an insanely zealous believer in the honor of combat. Penn's men follow his orders without question, and he uses swift violence to keep in line any soldiers who are blasphemous enough to challenge his authority.


Penn is hired by Travis Dane to help seize control of a Grand Continental passenger train traveling through the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Los Angeles. Penn and 20 above of his men hold the passengers hostage so that Dane can use the train as a moving base for his plan to destroy the Pentagon in Washington using a satellite weapon named Grazer One. When ex-Navy SEAL Casey Ryback, who happens to be on board the train, starts killing off Penn's mercenaries, Penn tries to track down the culprit. Penn had known Ryback during their past experiences and is one of the very few people whom Penn finds intimdating. When he realises that Ryback is behind the attacks on his men, he takes Ryback's niece, Sarah, hostage and waits for Ryback to confront him in one of the carriages. Ryback finds Penn and they both throw down their guns, agreeing instead to engage in a one-on-one fistfight. The battle leads them to the train's kitchen, where Penn tries to kill Ryback with a meat cleaver, but Ryback gets Penn in a tight headlock and breaks his neck, quipping, "Nobody beats me in the kitchen."

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