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Marcus Licinius Crassus is the main antagonist of Spartacus: War of the Damned.


Marcus is kind, caring, intelligent, calculating, and displays a keen, power hungry attitude. Although he believes in working hard to earn titles and position, and never underestimate his opponents, however, he is arrogant to the point where he believes he can just go around and beat up a senator like Metellus, just for simply disrespecting him, and threatens to have Metellus assassinated if he were to speak of his beating, this action of his would backfire, as Metellus informed the senate (off-screen) of his beating by Marcus' as well as Marcus' death threat, rather then have him killed, Metellus convinces the senate to use Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus, to take credit for Spartacus' defeat; this would lead to Marcus' deserved humiliates and Metellus, along with Pompey would make sure that he would never get the honor and respect he deserves.

Although Marcus can be considered Spartacus' roman counterpart, however, unlike Spartacus, Marcus does not have a sense of honor and morals, he is also cruel and sadistic towards both his enemies and allies.

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