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Two words, my friend: No refunds.
~ Marcus Kincaid's catchphrase.

Marcus Kincaid is a ruthless, money-obsessed arms dealer who appears in the Borderlands games. He is an example of the rare type of villain who is on the heroes' side, despite clearly being a horrible person, yet is not a Villain Protagonist due to being a supporting character, rather than the main one.

Marcus has a monopoly over the sales of firearms and ammunition on the barbaric planet of Pandora, killing and/or destroying the stock of anyone who attempts to rival him. He is extremely stingy, impatient, and parsimonious, so he refuses to allow any customer to pay anything short of full price for any item under any circumstance, and has a very strict "no refunds" policy. In one mission during Borderlands 2, he hires the player to take back several refund checks which he, while drunk, accidentally mailed to unsatisfied (for implied–to–be–legitimate reasons) customers. In another mission, he is shown to have sold a very shoddily–made gun to an ignorant internet celebrity for an outrageous price by deceiving the gullible nerd into thinking that he is a "chosen one" and that the gun is an artifact for fighting some great evil. The cash payment turns up nine dollars short, and thus Marcus sends the player on a mission to collect the remaining owed amount (which is extremely negligible by Borderlands standards) from the duped customer, who is found dead as a result of the poor quality of the gun he was given and told to go adventuring with. Marcus shows zero empathy in light of this, instead insulting the deceased man and his gullibility.

Despite all of this, the player characters are among the few to consistently remain on Marcus's good side, being loyal customers of his who do not much mind his greed and frequent price–gouging due to the excesses of cash they tend to collect in–game.

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