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Ah. The predictable , that never thaws. Pity it beats within such a fool. The Eldest of the Immortals... yet you have made no attempt to seize your Destiny
~ Marcus
Oh, but I am stronger now. And our bond is greater than you have ever wanted to
~ Marcus

Marcus Corvinus is one of the two main antagonists of the film Underworld: Evolution. He is a pure Vampire Hybrid who attacks using talons on his wings, and also biting enemies on the neck. He also is a master swordsman, as evidenced when he first fought against the Lycans in their first war. His power is said to be stronger than Viktor and Selene.

He is portrayed by Tony Curran.


Marcus is first seen in the film awakening from his sleep when blood from a Lycan scientist named Singe falls into his tomb and revives him. Kraven attempts to assassinate him, but is beheaded by Marcus' wing-talons after Marcus learns of Kraven's memories. After killing Kraven, he then burns Ordoghaz, the Old World Coven. Now thinking that it is the perfect time to free his brother, William, Marcus starts seeking out Selene, who holds half of the key to free William. His first attempt fails because of Selene's friend and lover Michael Corvin. He then goes to the man called Tanis, and learns from him that the other half of the key is held by his father. Marcus then attacks Selene and Michael again, this time killing Michael. He then drinks Selene's blood, which gives him the location where his brother is held. Marcus then confronts his father and tells him that he wishes to rule over a new race of vampires who are in his own image. He wounds his father, but does not kill him, and receives the other half of the key.

Marcus then goes to the fortress where William is being held captive and frees his brother from his dungeon. Their relationship is so strong that William does not harm Marcus when he recognizes him. They are both interrupted by Selene and the survivors of his father's followers. Marcus then attacks Selene, but is very furious when Michael, now resurrected, attacks and kills William. Marcus stabs Selene with one of his wing-talons but it does not kill her. He is stunned about William's death that it proved to be his undoing. Selene breaks off one of his wing talons and stabs him the head, then she kicks him into a moving propellor of a helicopter which chopped him to pieces, killing him.


  • Vampire Elder-Lycan Hybrid Physiology: Due to his unique physiology, he has a number of superhuman abilities which are far more potent than any super-powered being. He also has some unique abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength: As the first Vampire, he has the most highest level of strength for his species. he can overpower several ancient vampires with ease.
    • Superhuman Stamina: As long as he consumes blood on a daily basis, he has an unlimited form of stamina.
    • Superhuman Speed: He cam move much faster than most species, likely due to his highly developed muscle power & stamina.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: As the first Vampire, his healing abilities are very potent, enabling him to function normally with extensive physical injuries & ballistic wounds. He is also immune to age & illness.
    • Blood Memory Absorption: He can drink someone's blood to read all of their memories, even their most deepest & seemingly forgotten memories.
    • Metamorphosis: Upon his transformation into a Hybrid, he gained a new set of abilities & can physically morph into a man-bat like form at will.
      • Enhanced Superhuman Strength: His strength in this form increases to the point where he can pull down a helicopter from the sky & lift a solid stone wall in order to escape.
      • Flight: Due to his bat-like wings, he can fly.
      • Talons: His talons on his wings can be used as an offensive weapon, being able to be used as a tool for stabbing his victims.


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