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Thought to be an arms dealer for "W.O.L.F.", Black was bored about commanding a private regiment through strict orders by the U.S. Military so he attempted to sell a truck shipment of Terror Bites to terrorists at an agreeable price. The truck shipment was stopped as Black was forced to defend himself until the moment he was shot down. The moment Giorgio, Evan, and Rush inspected the corpse of the paramilitary suspects (including Black), it appeared that Black, like all Hamlin Battalion members, betrayed the United States. Players must play the PlayStation 3 version of the game to find out if "W.O.L.F." was an organizational disguise of the Hamlin Battalion (to avoid prosecution) or if Hamlin simply betrayed the U.S. and allied themselves with "W.O.L.F.". Black sports a black jumpsuit with a pull-up mask covering his mouth, a custom-made Barrett M107 anti-tank rifle in one hand, and a compact grappling hook to swing from high places and hurl heavy objects.