Marco Bartoli is the main villain in Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft.


Marco Bartoli is a leader of the Fiamma Nera, a cult that has carried out terrible acts in Italy for centuries. The Fiamma Nera want the Dagger of Xian. Marco is the son of an industrialist called Gianni Bartoli, who was also the previous leader of the Fiamma Nera. He resides in Via Caravelli, Venice and is seeking the Seraph which was sunk aboard the ship Maria Doria where his father met his death. The Seraph is the key to the catacombs of the Talion in Tibet. Obtaining the Talion will allow them to unlock the Temple of Xian in China where the dagger rests. Rivaling the Fiamma Nera is Lara Croft who is also searching for the dagger.

The legend said that whoever retrieves the dagger must plunge it into their hearts to achieve the power of the dragon. Its powers also enhance the strength of the dagger's owner's followers who become stronger and gain a reptilian appearance. At one point Bartoli takes the dagger and stabs it into his heart. His body is taken to the Dragon's Lair. Lara arrives just in time to see him transform into a fire breathing dragon. Lara kills him by taking the dagger out of the dragon's chest and Bartoli is reduced to bones.