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Marcial Andrade is main villain in Mexican telenovela Between love and hate. He is portrayed by Alberto Estrella.


Marcial is one of chief exucitives in Villareal shoe factory. He becames opsest with idea to take over shoe factory and Villareal fortune by any means. Marcial has also one more opsesion, that makes him very interestin villain. He thinks he is Napoleon Bonaparte, and spends playing with small Napoleon tin soldiers, something old Fernando uncle of main character Octavio tought him.

As person Marcial is very inteligent, cruel and calculated. He manage to pull many schemes, like to kill a priest who was guardian of Anna Christina, main heroine of serie, so that it looks like priest had heart attack.

Marcial acomplice is Frida, who at first wanted to get away from him, but she was stoped by Marcial. As depicted in almost all Latinoamerican soap operas and mostly Mexican, Marcial and Frida as opponents of main characters are represented as lust and evil persons, who enjoys violence and brutal sex (and even worshiping Devil as Marcial confessed on moment his death) in contradictory to main characters who are good Chatolic Christians, always praying to Vrigin Mary of Guadalupe in moments of problems(since she is Mexican most holy reli) and since Mexico is mainly Chatolic country in where is big influence of Church, since they pay for the shows). To go further more Marcial at his deth refuses to regrat his sins, saying he always served to Devil, to make him look more evil.

One of Macrial greatest schemes was switching DNA results of Ana Christina and Octavio's son, with Frida and his son, making Frida mother of Octavio and Ana Christina son. In one ocasion he kidnaps both kids, but Marcial's real son dies from pneumonia (by Marcial fault), and Marcial takes great sorow. His second greatest scheme was making grandmother Villareal go crazy, by tricks like chaging clock time twice, and apearing at her presence twice both times in different clothes, saying they didn't met before, making poor old women thinking she lost her mind.

Marcial also enjoyed recording his toughts on tape, one more interesting characteristic of his. He was opsesed by wife of his best friend Rodolpho, Maria Magdalena, whom he kiled by poison. The only good thing he did, was saving his friend wife from raping, calling her Josephina by name of Napoleon Bonaparte's wife, and saying nobody except Napoleon can touch Josephina, but he did that from obsession, not as a good deed. In attempt of rescue he even go far as killing a gangster boss, and than asumed his position, and took over ilegal fights. He than gave her a plush bear in which was camera, so he can watch her in her private moments, and when he managed to get in her bedroom, he made her drunk, and pretended as they had sex and that she said she enjoyed, making poor women think she really likes him. He also was responsible for killing Maria Magdalena adobted son, for discovering his tapes.

At the culmination of the show, Frida frustrated from torturing Marcial gave her over the years, calls him to take a oil bath, and than set oil on fire. Marcial survived, but was haevily disfigured.

In final episode, Marcial fights Octavio Villareal on hight tower of town, and is defeted. Frida suffers from cancer, and is treted by her motehr.


Since in Mexican soap operas everything is almost black, and white and devoted to Catholic Church and it's Mexican relics like Holly Juda and Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, so Marcial is presented as very evil person, to be more bizare devoted to Devil, who likes to kill and is mad, as Octavio and Anna Christina are presented as very good persons, devoted to Christ and his Church, niave, unable to do anything by them self, insetad they pray to God and Virgin Mary of Guadalupe for answers, while Marcial uses his brain...Also  it is comon with Mexican soap opera stereotype in which oponent of main character can-t be persented as good person, who only has diferent path or ideals in life, but must be persented as evil person distanced from Church...This is probably so that audience especially in Mexico get more sympathetic with main character, while people who are the opponents of main character must be presented in manner so that they look less human so that audience disgust them and don't feel sorry if the plot demand the suffer or die...

This stereotype is also presented in scene that included sex, while Anna Christina and Octavio have gentle sexual reletionship,full of love Marcial and Frida enjoy kinky pervereted sex filed with brutality and lust... The last stereotype is that in the end every villain gets what he deserve, which doesn't happen always in life.