Marcia Fadden is a minor antagonist in Stephen King's IT. She is a very rich girl who lives in Derry, Maine, and is the girlfriend and romantic lover of Peter Gordon, who protects her and makes her feel good about herself. In turn, she also compliments him. They are in a sexual relationship, and on a date Peter insults a downtown girl named Beverly, and Marcia joins in the insult and suggests that Beverly make out with Richie. Beverly tells Marcia to piss off, and Marcia recoils in shock and terror and puts a hand to her chest. Peter protects her by slipping his arm round her naked shoulders and threatening to beat up Richie. Marcia is led off, protected, by Peter, and Beverly insults her behind her back. Marcia and Peter go into the movies.

After the movies, Peter meets Henry Bowers and his gang, and Marcia tells them she was bullied by the "Losers." Henry and Peter vow to protect her and corner Richie and his friends and almost beat them up in revenge for how they insulted Marcia. The attempt fails when Richie and his friends evade the gang and run for it.

Marcia comforts Peter when he bolts from the rockfight later in the tale. They both then make love on a river, and it is assumed they were eaten.


  • Although Marcia is an extremely minor character, she does provoke Henry and his gang to hunt down the Losers by making up a story of their bullying nature.
  • Marcia is such a hypocrite because she claims to have been bullied when in fact she started it.
  • Also Marcia is similar to Chris Hargensen, another Stephen King villain, although Chris is far more evil. Marcia is more lustful.
  • Because of her lust for Peter, Marcia is considered to be one of Henry's Gang.
  • Stephen King says that Marcia lives next door to Peter on West Broadway and "they are such a couple of assholes that they need each other's support and attention." However, because Marcia is not as evil as Henry or Patrick, and because of her love for Peter, this follows also that Peter cannot be as bad as the rest of his gang.
  • She is very similar to Amber Whitmire, as she is a lustful neighbourhood bully who provokes the protagonists and makes their lives Hell, however Amber is based off Chris Hargensen as Casper is a spoof of Carrie.


Marcia Fadden was an egomaniac and obviously considered herself to be very sexy and she acted all smug and arrogant whenever she was with her lover, Peter. Provocative, lustful and spoiled, she did not hesitate to use a situation to her advantage, yet she was a coward at heart and cowered up to Peter for protection when Beverly "insulted" her. Marcia loved classic upper class things, such as shopping, beauty and romance, and she often spent time on dates with Peter. Its presumed that she was the complete opposite of the morally secure Lucky Seven, such as Mike Hanlon believes the first thing Bill will ask him is what its like being black, yet all Bill wants to know is if Mike saw Pennywise. Marcia presumably would have immediately asked Mike what it was like being black, then sniggered about it and lusted with Peter. She was so arrogant she believed she was tough yet she really wasn't. However, her sexuality and lust would get her doom.