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Peter Gordon walked by with Marcia Fadden. They were supposed to be going together, but Richie figured it was just they lived next door to each other on West Broadway and were such a couple of assholes that they needed each other’s support and attention.
~ Text from the novel
Marcia Fadden is a minor antagonist in Stephen King's IT. She is a very rich girl who lives in Derry, Maine and is the girlfriend and lover of Peter Gordon, who protects her and makes her feel good about herself. In turn, she also compliments him.


Summer of 1958


They are in a relationship, and on a date, Peter insults Beverly Marsh, and Marcia joins in the insult and suggests that Beverly make out with Richie.

Beverly tells Marcia to "piss off", and Marcia recoils in shock and terror and puts a hand to her chest. Peter protects her by slipping his arm round her shoulders and threatens to beat up Richie. Marcia is led off, protected, by Peter into the town movie theater, and Beverly insults her behind her back.


After the movie theater incident, Marcia tells Peter to get revenge on the Losers Club for her. Peter, a member of the Bowers Gang, takes part in Henry Bowers's chase of Mike Hanlon, which winds up in the resulting rock fight between the Bowers Gang and Losers Club, and Peter is the first on Henry's side to forfeit.


Marcia Fadden is presumed deceased by the end of It, as it is mentioned that Pennywise killed all of Henry's friends.


Marcia Fadden was an egomaniac; she acted smug and arrogant whenever she was with her lover, Peter. Provocative, lustful, and spoiled, she did not hesitate to use a situation to her advantage, yet she was a coward at heart and cowered up to Peter for protection when Beverly "insulted" her.

Her whole relationship with Peter is described in the text as two horrible people needing each other.


  • Although Marcia is an extremely minor character, she does help to provoke Henry and his gang to hunt down the Losers Club.
  • Because of her relationship with Peter, Marcia is considered to be one of Henry's Gang.