Marci is the main antagonist in the 2012 ABC Family Original Movie, The Mistle-Tones. She is the leader of the all-girl Christmas caroling group The Snow Belles, as well as Holly's arch-nemesis.

She is portrayed by Tori Spelling.


At the beginning of the film, Marci and the Snow Belles are auditioning several women in search of a fifth Snow Belle. When Holly (the protagonist) shows up late to the audition, Marci denies her a chance to audition, causing Holly to take the stage and deliver a sensational performance that impresses the ladies, even Marci. Nevertheless, the Snow Belles decide to add Staci instead of Holly and Marci calls Holly to tell her the news. Shortly after, Marci discovers that Holly had gone to the mall manager and requested that they hold auditions and competitions at the local Christmas Eve celebration and is royally ticked about it, so much so that she confronts the manager and curses him out. She and the Snow Belles spend pretty much the whole movie rehearsing while simultaneously trying to boot Holly's group out of the competition. Eventually, Marci meets Holly outside her home and offers her a chance to join the Snow Belles, though Holly eventually turns it down (presumably having realized Marci's true nature). At the competition, the Snow Belles perform spectacularly and wind up performing at the celebration. However, when they see the Mistle-Tones performing outside the mall, they decide to join the celebration. Marci also joins in the celebration, albeit rather grudgingly.


Marci is competitive, snobbish, vain and vindictive, and will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means gathering dirt on her competition and even manipulating Holly.