Marcello is the captain of the Templar Knights and Angelo's elder half-brother in Dragon Quest VIII.

He served a noble cause and, unlike his brother, showed great dedication into serving the Templar Knights. Nonetheless, he held a major spite to his half-brother which only developed through the years until he finally decided to pursue sinister goals which led him to become a major (the tertiary) antagonist in the game.


He was the son of a noble baron and one of his maids ever since he was revealed that he could not have a child with his wife though he would later, giving birth to Angelo. When he and his mother were thrown out of their house, he was found and raised by Abbott Francisco, who took interest in him becoming a Templar Knight; but when Angelo was took in too, he left the Abbey.

Other appearances

  • He is a playable character in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable.



Dragon Quest 8 - Part 95 - Marcello's Speech in Neos05:20

Dragon Quest 8 - Part 95 - Marcello's Speech in Neos