Marc is the main antagonist of the horror film Cabin Fever 2. Is
played by actor and singer Marc Senter.

Marc is the most popular guy in high school attended by the protagonists, rich and beautiful but also extremely violent, domineering and sadistic, as well as a black belt in karate and probably of other martial arts. It s ex-boyfriend but Cassie, while declaring in love with her, he attended exclusively by physical attraction. At the beginning of the film Marc threatens the protagonist, John, because the boy is in love for years to Cassie and want to invite to the upcoming school dance to woo her, then threatened him and humiliates him in front of the whole class and promised to beat him if he sees it together to her.

Despite this John invites Cassie to the prom, but Cassie refuses the invitation, greeting him with enthusiasm but when it met that evening. Marc, angry, verbally humiliates John, telling him that Cassie would return always by him, whatever he did, and that night will have sex with her, then makes him spill his glass of punch that John was holding. This triggers the furious reaction of John, which takes Marc jostling, which grabs the arm of John and handed torches, and only the arrival of the high school principal averts the quarrel. Shortly after Cassie, looking for the best friend of John (to warn him that the feds are going to surround the building because of the outbreak of necrotizing fasciitis), sees Marc dance with a girl and palpate the ass, and while doing this, the boy the notes and smiled mockingly.

Later, when John and Cassie barricade themselves inside classrooms to save themselves from infection and federal (that are killing all infected or assumed), Marc Cassie in order to open the door and let him in, assuring her that he It is well and is not infected. Marc is then attacked by an infected, and kills him without thinking twice, smashing his head with a fire extinguisher, remaining infected in turn, and losing control to see that along with Cassie's also John.

When, shortly after, John gets a hand cut from Cassie to stop the infection that has infected him Marc, now beside himself with panic and anger, the two attacks, hitting Cassie in the head with a hammer, John threatening, shouting insults and threats in both Cassie and asking how he could choose to leave John. Marc is then killed by Cassie, who shoots him in the head with a nail gun.


  • Marc is like Johnny Lawrence, one of the antagonists of the film Karate Kid: as Johnny also Marc is an expert in martial arts, hates and persecutes the protagonist because he is in love - and reciprocated - his ex-girlfriend and tries to kill her. Marc however, unlike Johnny, at the end of the film is not redeemed and dies.
  • Marc is also similar to Gaston, the villain of The Beauty and the Beast: as Gaston Marc is attracted by the female protagonist of the film (with which, however, was engaged) and, like Gaston, is the most popular boy of the place that he attended. Also it tries to kill his rival in love jealousy, and ends up murdered at the end of the film.