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Marauder Husk

Marauders were a Husk variant used by the Reapers during their invasion of the galaxy in Mass Effect 3. As opposed to "standard" Husks, who were mutilated humans, the Marauders were born from Turians.

During the war proper, the Marauders served as the "officer" class, leading other Husk types into battle with the tactical skill they had inherited from the Turians they were made from. They were also the only major Husk variant to use common firearms. They were presumably wiped out when the Reapers were defeated at the end of the war.


  • A Marauder Husk with shields is the last opponent the player ever faces directly in the entire trilogy. This one final Marauder has since developed into a meme called "Marauder Shields". 

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