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Marauders are a group of savage people found at Spargus City, the Wasteland and Icelands in Jak 3.



The Marauders lived in strongholds and are people who don't live at Spargus. Unlike the people at Spargus, they have savage tendencies.

Arena Challenges

The Marauders were used by Damas to attack Jak during his training challenges at Spargus City.

The Oasis

The Marauders were ready to attack Ashelin Praxis at the oasis but Jak and Daxter defeated them as Ashelin needed protection.

Marauder Hunting

Kleiver hires Jak to hunt down Marauders with his dune buggy. If Jak hunts down enough Marauders, Kleiver plans to give Jak some Precursor Orbs.



  • Marauders only appear in Jak 3.

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