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That's what I thought. Same old Badili. You're nothing but a scaredy-cat!
~ Mapigano to Badili

Mapigano is the main antagonist of The Lion Guard episode "The Trouble With Galagos".

He is a large bulky leopard from an area of Africa called The Back Lands. He goes to Mirihi Forest where he intimidates and steals the territory of a smaller leopard named Badili, forcing him to flee to the Pride Lands where he takes residence in a tree which is home to galagos.

When the Lion Guard arrive and tell Badili that he has to return home, he does so but rushes ahead of them and is confronted by Mapigano who demands him to leave as it not his territory anymore. However, the Lion Guard, having caught up with Badili, force Mapigano to leave.

However this was in vain as the next day, Mapigano returns to Mirihi Forest and forces Badili out again. This causes the Guard's leader Kion to realise that it must be Badili himself who must drive Mapigano out. The Lion Guard train Badili on how to be brave and when he is ready, he returns to Mirihi Forest to confront Mapigano.

At first, Mapigano is unfazed by Badili's attempts of bravery and tries to attack him. However, Badili roars at Mapigano to get out of his territory, causing the mean leopard to finally submit to him and flee Mirihi Forest for good.



  • Mapigano is the second antagonist leopard to appear in The Lion Guard. The first being Makucha.

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