Mantis Mutant
Mantis Mutant (25) - A mantis monster. It can attack with its scythe-hands, and shoot dissolving beams from its eyes. Mantis Mutant accompanied Bilgenia into capturing Professor Daimon's pupil Egami to have him make the Hellshooter with Professor Daimon's data so he can challenge Kamen Rider BLACK and the Road Sector. Mantis Mutant attacked Egami in his lab and injured his wife Kayo. Mantis Mutant later abducted Kayo and Egami's daughter Sachiko from the hospital and Bilgenia threatened to have Mantis Mutant harm them if he did not cooperate. When Kamen Rider BLACK came to the rescue, he engaged Mantis Mutant as Egami escapes. Mantis Mutant got its left scythe-hand stuck in a concrete support beam as Kamen Rider BLACK chopped it off him. Kamen Rider BLACK killed Mantis Mutant with the Rider Kick, but Bilgenia's challenge has begun.