Mantis Morlo is a DC comics supervillain and an enemy of the Legion of Super-Heroes, like many of the characters in that series he originates from the 30th century and is a variant of the well-used "mad scientist / evil genius" archetype seen in comic books since at least the early pulp era (though the idea of mad scientists date back much further, possibly as far back as science itself).


When Morlo graduated from Metropolis University, his ambition was to become the universe’s greatest biochemist. He put his life savings into his first lab, located in the lunar complex, but lost everything when the Legionaires arrived with orders to shut him down for running illegal experiments on human subjects. However, since his experimentation left no physical effects on his subjects, the legal system had no choice but to give Morlo a light sentence that was commuted to time served. After being released, Morlo established a new satellite lab and prepared for his revenge on the Legion Of Super-Heroes.

Powers / Abilities

Genius: Dr. Mantis Morlo has a genius level intellect and is an expert in bio-chemistry.

Chemoids: Dr. Mantis Morlo has developed a series of androids made from unstable molecules sot that they can alter their selves to be the perfect opposition to any attack.