Manticore Phantoms
KRWi-Manticore Human

Manticore (as his Gate)

Manticore is a Phantom born from within a fortune teller when he gave up in despair.

He was sent by Wiseman to targeting Kosuke Nitoh, an archeologist student. This Phantom has great combat capabilities to tie Kamen Rider Wizard on fight. He also has a poison sack in his tail which will slowly kill his enemies.

However, in Manticore's first encounter with Kosuke, Haruto was nearby and guns down some Ghouls. Manticore then sends the remaining Ghouls to stop Haruto, but Haruto transforms into Kamen Rider Wizard and (after sending Kosuke away with help from Shunpei and Rinko) easily defeats the Ghouls.

Unfortunately, Manticore used his tail, which is tipped with a poisonous stinger, and poisoned Haruto with it, giving more time for the Phantom to track down Kosuke. He then invited Kosuke to guess his fortune, before he attacks Kosuke. A bullheaded Haruto, still in pain due to Manticore's venom in his system, arrives to save Kosuke, but Kosuke tells him to stay back when Haruto is too hampered to even transform into Wizard, due to having used up all his Mana reserves to keep the venom at bay.

Kosuke then transforms into Kamen Rider Beast to attack the incoming mob of Ghouls, and then devours their energy after destroying them. He then uses the Chameleo Mantle to become invisible and attack a disorientated Manticore.

Enraged, Manticore keeps trying to strike the Rider and one of his attacks successfully poisons a distracted Beast when Haruto tries to warn him about the fact about Manticore's stinger, but Beast uses the Dolphi Mantle to cure himself and Haruto shortly afterwards.

Finally, Kamen Rider Beast uses the Falco Mantle and overpowers the Phantom before defeating him with the Falco Saber Strike. After Manticore was defeated, Beast absorbed the Phantom's Mana for his own.


  • Gate: Unnamed Fortune Teller
  • Episodes: 17
  • Destroyed by: Kamen Rider Beast Falco Mantle's Saber Strike
  • Mythological Basis: The Manticore
  • Height: 228 cm
  • Weight: 165 kg


  • The costume was later reused for Arachne.