All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update Vol 1 1 page 64 Manticore (Earth-616)

The identity of Manticore is a mystery but Brand Corporation provided him a battle-suit and as they wanted to retrieve the Hellcat costume they also created.

The Hellcat uniform was in the hands Patsy Walker who at the time was working with the Avengers. Manticore first appeared Cheery-O's Dude Ranch as he was spying on the two heroes Clint Barton and the Two-Gun Kid, as they were working as employees.

Manticore plan was to kill Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in order to lure Hellcat and the rest of the Avengers so he could retrieve the costume. Unbeknownst to Manticore, Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider was also at the ranch as he needed a place to repair his motorcycle after a long journey through the Arizona desert.

One night, Manticore breaks into the employee's bunkhouse and kidnaps Clint. The Two-Gun Kid tried to stop Manticore but is buried underneath debris when the bunkhouse collapsed. Ghost Rider hears the shots and saves the Two-Gun Kid. Ghost Rider went after the beast and discovered them in a canyon a few miles from the ranch.

During the fight, the Two-Gun Kid entered the canyon on a motorcycle but was captured by Manticore. The Manticore tells the Ghost Rider to clear out or he would tear off the head of the Two-Gun Kid.

With Ghost Rider's distraction, Manticore is struck in the chest by an arrow. Hawkeye hits Manticore's power induction grid with an electronic disruptor arrow and was rendered unconscious.

Ghost Rider removes Manticore's armor and discovers that the mercenary was an amputee and his hind legs were completely mechanical. Apparently an employee of Brand Corporation promised the Manticore bionic legs as payment if he was successful with the retrieval of the Hellcat suit.