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Mantaraymon is a minor villain in both Digimon Tamers, Battle of Adventurers, and Digimon Fusion. They are the soldiers of Neptunemon in Digimon Fusion that serve as fleets.


Mantaraymon are Armor Level Digimon that resemble giant blue manta rays that are equipped with armor and cannons.

Digimon Tamers; Battle of Adventurers

Mantaray was a minion of Mephistomon. After Scorpiomon and Divermon were defeated, a Mantaraymon swooped in from the air and manage to capture Minami. When Takato, Kai, Guilmon and Seasarmon were attempted to rescue Minami, they were stopped by both the very same Mantaraymon, and a Depthmon. They put up a good fight but when Guilmon Digivolved into Growlmon they were easily defeated.

Digimon Fusion

One Mantaraymon carries Neptunemon around. Some Mantaraymon were killed when the Fusion Fighters hijacked one of them to wipe them out before Octomon killed the hijacked Mantaraymon. The last one that Neptunmon rode on was unknown what happened after Neptunemon's death.


  • Tail Booster
  • Torpedo Ray


  • Mantaraymon's previous Digimon form is Patamon


  • Mantaraymon+X-Antibody=Mantaraymon X
    Mantaraymon x

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