Manpigs are the main antagonists of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, being a hostile race of human-pig hybrids created by The Machine.


As aforementioned, manpigs were a hybrid of human and pigs created and controlled by The Machine, specifically its core The Engineer. Patrolling the hallways of the facility and relentlessly chase the player once they spot them.



Wretches are the most common type of manpigs, being small, hunched-over, and weak enemies, depicted much like the Grunt from The Dark Descent. Their behavior, notably, is almost child-like and playful, leading most to believe that they were the orphaned children Oswald Mands used as slaves.


The engineers are much like the foot soldiers of the manpig army, being bigger less sufficient manpigs donning engineer aprons. They every much resemble Brutes from The Dark Descent.


The teslas are the bigger and rarest ranks of the manpigs, being towering wretch-like creatures decorated in electrical lights. They are blasted away from all reality thanks to large doses of Compound X and are greatly effected by temperature change. Due to their extreme exposure to Compound X, they flicker in and out of existence from time to time.