The Manotaurs are the primary antagonists of the Gravity Falls episode, Dipper vs Manliness. They are part man and part bull (much like the Minotaur). Highly aggressive and stubborn, they are the most feared creatures in the forest.


After encountering Dipper Pines, they have him perform rituals in order to become "man". As a final step, they send him out to kill the Multi-Bear. On his quest, however, Dipper discovers the Multi-Bear is actually a victim of the Manotaurs' harrassment because he wasn't considered "manly". Sharing something in common, Dipper decided to spare the Multi-Bear and abandon the Manotaurs.

The known manotaurs include Testosteraur, Pubertaur, Pituitaur, Chutzpar, Beardy, Clark, an old manotaur given as an offering, and their leader Leaderaur.