Manotas and Patotas are supporting antagonists from the sequel of Another Egg and a Chicken Movie. They are ostrich eggs twins and loyal servant goons of the Egg Witch, in which they are very stupid but have great force, they often are humiliated or suffer from abusive mistreatment of their master.

Role in the film

The two brothers appearently care for or protect the lair of their boss, taking charge and also help to bring and carry heavy objects like the spell book, you can see that in the movie where they play poker games which never win by constant traps Egg Witch, two of them remained captive to perform the magic potion but failed in their mission, later they are seen in the confrontation in which they manipulate remote-control cars in which they were controlling the Buzzard Eggs, but being defeated all these, Manotas and Patotas's gangs cower and decide to surrender, at the end of the story they join the side of good.

Un Gallo con muchos Huevos

Manotas and Patotas make small appearances in the film, when Toto and Don poncho visit El Palenque.



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