Manos is a deity featured in the 1966 film Manos: The Hands of Fate. An unseen villain, he is represented by a statue at his primary worship site called The Tomb somewhat close to El Paso, Texas.

At some point before the mid 1960s a young man who would become known as The Master began worshiping Manos. Manos turned this young man into an undead being. With the help of his servant Torgo and his Devil Dog The Master began kidnapping young women and making them into his wives.

In the mid 1960s a young family consisting of father Michael, mother Margaret, and their little daughter Debbie arrived at the nearby Valley Lodge. Manos, fearing that they would be exposed, ordered The Master to have the family eliminated. After witnessing a strident argument between the first wife and some of the other wives break down into full contact nightgown wrestling Manos decided the first wife had to go. He also decided that Torgo was not worth the trouble and had the Master order his wives to massage Torgo to death. The Master then severed Torgo's hands in the flames of the fire burning at the Tomb, and Torgo was last seen running off into the darkness.

The Master eventually caught up with the family. Michael was made to take Torgo's place, with Margaret and Debbie becoming new wives for The Master. As seen at the end of the film the group continued their worship of Manos unabated.