Payback is a bitch.
~ Papi Greco
Manny "Papi" Greco is a Mexican drug lord and the main antagonist in 2 Guns.

He is portrayed by Mexican/American actor Edward James Olmos who also voiced El Diablo in Beverly Hills Chihuahua.


Greco is the head of a drug cartel whom Trench and Stigman are attempting to arrest. After meeting with said officers and capturing them, he kidnaps Deb Rees in order to convince the DEA that Trench has gone rogue. He then threatens to kill Deb if Trench doesn't pay him the money, but ultimately winds up killing her anyway. In the climax, Trench blows up a car with money on it and a shootout breaks out and Greco is shot in the chest by Trench, after Stigman and Trench kill all the thugs including Earl and Harold Quince, they return to a dying Greco, he tries to raise his gun but Trench shoots him one more time and then Stigman ends him with a final shot to the chest