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Manny serves as an ally and later antagonist of the King's Quest episodic series. Manny is a short but clever and manipulative man clad in a suit of armor who desired to become a royal knight and eventually King of Daventry by winning the knight's tournament, but his attempts were foiled by the game's protagonist Graham. Defeated and humiliated, Manny now wants revenge against Graham and the rest of Daventry for being denied knighthood and kingship.


A Knight to Remember

Graham gets acquainted with Manny after managing to get across a river to Daventry theatre while it's bridge was out. Manny recognises Graham's intelligence and suggests that they should form an secret alliance to outsmart the other contestants in the knight's tournament and the winner between them both in the final event will put in a good word to Daventry's King for the loser so they too can become a royal knight. Graham agrees to the alliance and during the tournament Graham is assisted by Manny in different ways as each of them eventually win the first two events. During the final event, Manny expresses how pleased he is that the secret alliance has worked and clamed that by making it this far both he and Graham have already won, but then Manny tricks Graham into drinking raisin juice tainted with mind control powder and has Graham position himself to allow Manny an easy victory, but Graham is saved from defeat thanks to his other supporters and then wins the event and the tournament. Angry that he lost, Manny tries to attack Graham with a mace but is again defeated by Graham forcing Manny to flee.

A Rubble Without a Cause

Early in his role as King of Daventry, Graham is one of many people kidnapped and locked up by goblins. Graham eventually escapes captivity and heads to the goblin king's underground palace in order to save the other prisoners. While trying to get the throne room, Graham discovers that Manny was the mastermind behind the kidnappings, telling his own version of the pied piper story to the goblins knowing just how they would react; by capturing the people of Daventry in order to emulate the tale. However, Graham ends up saving his subjects after confronting and tricking the goblin king. Afterwards, Manny approaches a tall, skinny man disguised as a goblin and tells him that he looks like he could use a friend.