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Manhunters (Green Lantern)

The Manhunters

No man escapes the Manhunters!
~ The Manhunters

Manhunters are a race of evil robotic creatures from DC universe who were originally created to be enforcers of galactic law, but went rogue and are now a major threat to the security of the universe as a whole.

They come in many varieties, ranging from small humanoids to gigantic stellar-monstrosities. They have sufficient levels of technology to launch a full-scale assault on the Lanterns HQ, as well as many other worlds across the universe.

The goal of the Manhunters is to eliminate all freewill from the universe under an extreme philosophy that freewill is the cause of crime. They also frequently kill anyone who so much as protests against their actions under the assumption that they are criminals.

Manhunters are similar in many ways to the Sentinels of Marvel comics, but are driven by a fanatical program to enforce law (without justice) rather than xenophobia.

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