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Mangler the Evil Sculion

Mangler is a scullion who fearfully serves the power of the Forbidden Arts and he is the secondary main antagonist in the 2014 computer-animated family/fantasy film The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale.

The Forbidden Arts joined forces with him and he enforced the Forbidden Arts' deception to the scullions that Odette, the Swan Princess, was evil. Mangler poisoned Derek but he was healed by a scullion named Scully. Later Mangler shot a poison dart at Odette, but a scullion named Jojo took the hit instead. Odette was able to heal him, and proved to the scullions that she was not evil.

Mangler escaped after this and later attacked Odette and Scully as they made their way to the Forbidden Arts' cave to rescue Alise. In the fighting, Mangler was knocked towards the edge of a cliff. Scully grabbed onto him to pull him back up, but Mangler threw them both over a cliff. Scully barely survived, but Mangler was killed from the fall.


  • Mangler is the second henchman in the series to be killed, the first being Knuckles. Interestingly enough both fall to their deaths.

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