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Mangiz was the crow seer and counseler to General Ironbeak in the Redwall book Mattimeo and the second season of the TV series.

Mangiz served his General as his "strong right wing", and somewhat successfully interpreted dreams and seances for him. He often cautioned the ruthless warlord in his attacks against Redwall Abbey, but fully supported him. He warned Ironbeak about visions of a shadowy mouse warrior who blocked his seances. When the Abbey dwellers tricked the invading birds into believing that the Abbey was haunted by the mouse warrior, Mangiz became agitated, but Ironbeak was always skeptical. During the final battle, after Ironbeak was slain by Stryke Redkite, Mangiz tried to sneak away, but was killed by the badger Constance, who crushed him against a wall with a paw swipe.

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