Mandy Bronson

Mandy Bronson is the main villainess in "Mr. Monk and the Leper," a Season Five episode of Monk.

She was played by Sarah Joy Brown.

Mandy was married to millionaire Derek Bronson, who she killed for his money. However, Derek willed his fortune to his family and not her, so to make sure she could continue living in luxury, Mandy hired a lookalike to pose as Derek and enlisted Monk to prove that he is alive. Knowing Monk's phobias regarding disease, Mandy had Derek pose as someone with leprosy, or Hansen's disease, so Monk wouldn't even look at him long enough to realize the farce. The ruse works, and Mandy's life of luxury continues. At home, Mandy shoots the actor, who was playing his piano. She later tries to get rid of the body by placing it in a hot air balloon, but when she catches Monk and Natalie inside, Mandy shoots at them. Randy Disher later appears and arrests Mandy for the murders of her husband and the imposter.