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Manderbelts are antagonists of Crash Canyon.


  • Reginald: Owner of Manderbelt Industries, husband of Beverly and father to Royce, Pristine and Vaughn. He is a very arrogant, selfish and snobbish man who often boasts about his wealth. He and his family wanted to move with their home (literally), but ended up in the canyon.
  • Beverly: The snobby matron of the Manderbelts. She is as arrogant as her husband, and sometimes even more. She has a creepy crush on her son Royce, and she even bathes him.
    • Bjorn: The family's Norwegian servant, who never speaks (although it's never revealed why). It seems that he dates Frida sometimes. He has a very muscular build, and he does everything the Manderbelts tell him to do, irrelevant of how bad or immoral it is. According to Reginald, he has to take the Manderbelt´s behaviour because he is poor.
    • Princess The Manderbelts' two legged, disabled cat.
  • Vaughn: Youngest son and undefeated antagonist, he has anger issues. He does not say much aside from saying "I´m Vaughn". His parents do nothing to stop his aggressive behavior nor discipline him.

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