Mandarin is the secondary antagonist of the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! series. He is the original leader of the monkey team. He becomes evil and was imprisoned and he was replaced by Chiro. He tried to become Chiro's mentor and he sees Chiro as a child that should be raised by him. After a battle with the hyperforce Manderin escaped and hid in a cave where the Skeleton King found him and offered power that he could not refuse. In season 1 episode 13 titled Hidden Fortress we have seen that Manderin has become some kind of large muscular Hulk-like brute and was working for the Skeleton King. At the end of episode 18 in season 2 titled Versus Chiro we discover that manderin gets replaced by... another manderin. One theory is that Manderin was secretly cloned by Skeleton King. Another theory is that the hulk-like Manderin was a clone the whole time and was replaced by the actual Manderin. He is directly responsible for unleashing the Dark Ones on Shuggazoom City and turning his creator into Skeleton King in the first place.

He was voiced by James Hong.