Mandarin was the first of the Super Robot Monkeys created. By far, the wisest, smartest and strongest, he was our leader.
~ Antauri about Mandarin.

Mandarin is the secondary villain of the Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go! series. He was the first monkey built by the Alchemist and the original leader of the Monkey Team until he became evil, then he was imprisoned in the HOOP (Hostile Outlaw Observation Prison) and replaced by Chiro. He tried to become Chiro's mentor, seeing Chiro as a child that should be raised by him. After a battle with the Hyperforce, Mandarin escaped and hid in a cave where the Skeleton King found him and offered power that he could not refuse. In the episode "Hidden Fortress", it's shown that Mandarin has become some kind of large, muscular Hulk-like brute and was working for the Skeleton King. At the end of the episode "Versus Chiro", Mandarin gets replaced by... another Mandarin. One theory is that Mandarin was secretly cloned by the Skeleton King. Another theory is that the Hulk-like Mandarin was a clone the whole time and was replaced by the actual Mandarin. He is directly responsible for unleashing the Dark Ones on Shuggazoom City and turning his creator into the Skeleton King in the first place.

He was voiced by legendary actor James Hong.


Mandarin was the original leader of the Monkey Team. He's initially described to us by Antauri, who in addition to these qualities, said to have a good heart, much like Chiro. However, he had dark aspects during his days as a normal monkey. He's irritated with Sparx and Nova's spat and was able to frightened them with an aggressive glare and a growl, possibly hinting at an easily irritable, serious and no-nonsense sort of personality. A characterizing moment was when he stared at the Gate of the Dark Ones seen in Golden Age; he's the only monkey not be cowering in fear, merely showing shock and vile fascination. He also screeched at one of them while jumping on the machine, showing a form of either recklessness or intense drive. Chiro also described him as always being obsessed with learning. He also seems to have a thirst for power and acts very arrogant, fearless and confident, having coming to the conclusion that his team or at the least him, was above serving as mere guardian of the city. He wanted to rule over it, something his comrades didn't agree to. He appears to have grown resentful for their betrayal. Despite this, he fascinated with his replacement, Chiro, seeing something similar in them.

In Versus Chiro, he had failed Skeleton King too many times, so he decides to replace him with a bone-armored clone. 'Mandarin 2' was similar though was more evil, ruthless and erratic in behavior. He's afraid of Valeena and seemed to have fallen from his former power. Despite this, he still remains a big threat as he is still by Skeleton King's side.


Fired by the Skeleton King and dragged unceremoniously away by two red formless. His current whereabouts is unknown.




  • Some fans believe that like the Skeleton King/Alchemist, Mandarin’s soul was corrupted by a dark one. Strangely dark, pink energy is seen resonating from him in the episode Secret of the Sixth Monkey.
  • There are often animation errors with Mandarin’s eye color. There are three different colour combinations for his eye color.
  • In the episode In the Grip of Evil Mandarin is shown floating in his test tube. Shortly after he appears behind the Alchemist. This is possibly an animation error.
  • Not much is known about Mandarin’s personality and the relationships with his teammates before he turned evil. He seems to have lacked the Alchemist’s warmth and love, unlike Chiro.
  • It's unknown what his original fear was.
  • He displayed the least amount of attacks compared to the other monkeys, with them only being monkey mind scream and monkey slash claw.
  • It's never revealed what happened to Mandarin. He's taken away into the shadows by two red formless and was never seen again.