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Mandarin is the main antagonist of the Annoying Orange TV Show episode Annoying Cutesie. He pretened to be a cute orange so he can get away with organic fruits. He found himself on the fruit cart and met up with the fruit cart gang who were singing in their first glee club except Orange. He mistook Orange as his big brother and Orange started to babysit him. However Orange grew jealous and started to make Cutesie cry so the gang kicked him out. And then Orange met up with the organics and joined them. Later Cutesie started to annoy the other fruits with his song he sang 234 times. Later the organics started to occupy The Fruit Cart. And when Orange made fun of the Organics he reunited with the gang. Later it was discovered that Cutesie was really a mandarin not an orange and he and the organics were bought by a man.

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