Manant is a villain in the pilot episode of The Aquabats Super Show.

Manant scheming.

In the show

While investigating the destruction of multiple fast-food chains, one of The Aquabats, Crash, is captured by the maniacal Manant, half man-half ant. While playing in a sand box when he was little, Crash uncovered a hidden genie lamp, which he opened and freed the genie, who granted him one wish. Looking around at his action figures and some nearby ants, he wished for a tiny half man-half ant mutant and so came Manant, who now plans to destroy Crash for abandoning him.

By collecting some of his genetic DNA through a shot, Manant transfers some of Crash's powers to himself and grows to the size of a normal human being. He does the same to a few ants, who grow to gigantic proportions and uses them to try to take over the world.

Manant, along with his footsoldiers and giant ants, disrupt a family picnic, which scares the family off. The Aquabats arrive on the scene to defeat the villainous Manant, who commands his soldiers to fight back. M.C. Bat Commander engages in close-range battle with Manant and then rips off his antenna, which causes the giant ants to turn against him and start using their mandibles to bite him. At the end, Crash decides to use his growth powers to kick the giant ants, along with Manant, far into the distance and rid of them for good.

By destroying Manant's giant anthill, Crash and the rest of The Aquabats uncover a hoard of stolen hamburgers and discover Manant's intentions for destroying fast-food restaurants.