The man in a burning coat is the main antagonist of chapter 1 of the game tokyo twilight ghost hunters.

Before the events of the game he would go around killing women and it is hinted at that he would play with their dead bodies or rape them.

Bthe game he is dead and comes back as a ghost looking for more people to kill in a school. He first appear's after the ghost of a young woman told the main characters to defeat the man in the red coat.

The man in a burning coat shows after the main character meats up with masamume shinga and his boss on the 4th floor after they were highed to get protect the school from the ghost then one of the main character friend runs away then the man in a burning coat try's to kill three of the main characters after he is defeated he is gone for good. at first it look's like he was the ghost girl ask the main characters to defeat but it later turns out that the man that needs to be defeated is still out their and was not the man in a burning coat.

He attack's with a sword his face looks like a mask and he weres a red coat that is on fire. he is all so the weekest ghost in the game.

He tries to kill the main character,a ghost girl,Masamune Shiga,and chizuru.