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Man-Seok is the main antagonist in the 2010 South Korean film The Man from Nowhere.

He is played by Kim Hee-won.


Man-seok and his younger brother Jong-seok grew up in poverty in Busan, South Korea, routinely abused by their widowed father. When their father died during the 8th Grade, Man-seok worked odd jobs to support himself and his brother until during high school Man-seok did errands for a local gang led by Mr. Oh. He earned Oh's trust and soon became a high-ranking member of the mob and recruited his brother who was just 15 in 1996.

In 2010 Man-Seok is the elder brother of Jong-Seok who are both feared drug dealers working under Seoul gang boss Mr. Oh. When the heroin sample is stolen in a deal at a nightclub their boss instructs Man-Seok to retrieve the product or face death. His brother and his henchmen find the thief a stripper named Hye-jung at the club and kidnaps her and daughter, So-mi to get the drugs off of a pawn shop owner named Cha Tae-Shik unaware he is an ex-Black ops agent.

Man-Seok decides with his brother to use Cha as a fall guy forcing him to deliver the drugs to Oh in a plot to implicate their boss to the police, eliminating him.

Man-Seok has Hee-jung's organs harvested revealed when the police arrest Cha and holds So-mi as leverage. Man-Seok unlike his brother isn't bothered by Cha's unusual reactions and his henchman and killer Ramrowan murder Oh who had escaped police much to his chagrin.

When he faces Cha at a nightclub he encryptly tells his brother it's time to go as one of his henchman is killed and phones an injured Cha after his fight with Ramrowan telling him if he turns himself maybe So-mi would meet him at his release.

When Cha escapes custody and late locates the drug manufacturing plant using child slaves and harvests their organs after they die from exhaustion he tortures Jong-Seok for So-mi's whereabouts. He phones the elder brother making him listen as his brother screams for his help and Man-Seok threatens So-mi if he is hurt. Man-Seok is killed in his own car after Cha kills his remaining henchmen at his condo after he tells him he has harvested So-mi's eyes.