Recorded Live - Flesh Eating Film Reels (1975)08:07

Recorded Live - Flesh Eating Film Reels (1975)

The Man-Eating Film Reel is the main antagonist of the horror short known as "Recorded Live" - created for HBO in the 1970s, the creator of this short would later gain fame as the brains behind another horror classic, Tremors.


The short begins with a man preparing for an interview only to find the building empty, save for a seat with a bunch of clothing on it and a seemingly abandoned film reel.

Within moments the film reel comes to life and pursues the man across the building, showing incredible intelligence and predatory skill - such as blocking off exits, sliding under doors and even cutting off phone wires in order to trap its prey.

However it was momentarily stopped when the man found a magnet and a pair of scissors, which caused it to retreat - however before it could be destroyed or outwitted further it managed to lock the man into a room and dug itself under the floor in order to sneak into the room undetected.

As this was occurring the man tried to escape out a door and let go of the magnet and scissors, a fatal mistake as the film reel launched itself out of the floor and cocooned its victim, eating him alive and leaving nothing but a pile of clothing.

The reel film then proceeds to return to its inactive state, waiting for its next victim.