Man-Bat is a recurring but redeemed antagonist from the TV series, The Batman.

He is voiced by Peter MacNicol,who also voiced Mad Hatter in Batman Arkham Game.


In an effort to become the ultimate "Bat" in Gotham City, Dr. Kirk Langstrom began working on a mutative serum that would transform Langstrom into the extremely powerful and evil villain known as Man-Bat. One day Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, inquired about the subject and purpose of his experiments, and Langstrom told him he was trying to cure his niece's deafness. Bruce discovered he was lying after visiting his niece. Bruce returned to Wayne Enterprises, and discovered that he wanted to be like Batman after looking through Langstrom's journal. Langstrom didn't know that Bruce Wayne was Batman and took a dose of his new serum, causing him to transform into the dangerous Man-Bat, terrorizing the city during his newfound lust for blood. The Man-Bat wreaked havoc throughout Gotham, but was eventually apprehended when his serum wore off.

When transformed into Man-Bat, he was increased strength, a sticky mucus that binds specific areas on the victim, razor-sharp claws, a thirst for blood (his first foray into Man-Bat led him to the Gotham Zoo, where he sucked the blood out of animals), and sees via the means of his new sonar vision. While the world looks solely black and whitee to him, objects emitting heat will show up as solid white.

The Penguin eventually used a sonic device to take control of Man-Bat's mind, using Langstrom as a tool to steal gold. Eventually Batman put together his own sonic device and used it turn the Man-Bat against the Penguin.

He was among the prisoners of Rumor. In combat, Robin fought him and then Batman made him crash into Poison Ivy. After his defeat alongside the other villains, he was sent back to Arkham.

After serving time in Arkham Asylum, he returned to a honest life as a scientist, promising to never use his formula again. Sadly, the same formula was discovered by the Terrible Trio who altered it to make it to change people into other animal hybrids such as sharks, foxes and vultures. As Batman suspected Langstrom was responsible for the hybrid related crimes, he had the scientist create an antidote.