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Mammoth Evo
Mammoth Evo

Character History

Mammoth Evo is the final, utlimate Evolution Beast created by General Kar, extremely powerful and stubborn to the point that it was uncontrollable and forced to be locked within a special prison in the Grand Gizmo so it wouldn't be used. However seeing the desperation of the Jashinka's losses, Prince Megiddo releases the beast, who immediately runs away from him and ends up rampaging destroying everything and anything that gets in its way, from buildings to the Dynaman and even the restraining Jashinka forces. Seeing him as the reason for Mammoth Evo's rampage, Kar forces Megiddo to get it back with a special shackle that would link both to it and whoever was wearing the other side, ultimately to take it back and reimprison it in the Grand Gizmo. But Hokuto Dan sees Megiddo with the cuffs and, seeing him as not trusting enough to manage it, decides to lock himself with the cuff to stop Mammoth Evo and restrain it. However the Evolution Beast continues to show itself too powerful, dragging DynaRed around and likewise preventing him from using his DynaBrace to enhance himself to deal with the scenario he was trapped in.

As the Mammoth Evo/Dan combo continue to rampage, the other Dynaman and Jashinka forces are forced to face it down again due to a virus released that was hurting both human children and Tail Soldiers alike. Megiddo ultimately uses a gun that he uses to destroy the chain linking the two allowing for Dan to join his teammates in facing the Evolution Beast. They all use their DynaRods to weaken it before striking with Super Dynamite. After using Big Bang Process, Mammoth Evo uses its ice power to freeze DynaRobo but the Dynaman thaw out using all energy from within the mech, then striking it with DynaFlash to stun it for a Lightning Gravity Fall to destroy the last Evolution Beast.

Modus and Arsenal

Aside from typical Evolution Beast arsenal, Mammoth Evo possesses tremendous strength, enough to easily push away any attack that hits it physically, while with immnense feet that can squash Tail Soldiers flat. Its most dangerous aspect is its possession of a virus which, after it ends up infected briefly, becomes powerful enough to infect both human children and Tail Soldiers without treatment. After undergoing Big Bang Progress, it reveals it can also emit an ice breath from its trunk.

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