Mammoth Mutant
Mammoth Mutant (11, 14) - A mammoth monster said to be the strongest of Gorgom's monsters. It can emit freezing breath from its mouth and shoot icicles from its trunk. Mammoth Mutant first appeared when the Gorugomes Fruits were becoming scarce. Kamen Rider BLACK first fought it in the first battle where it retreated. Professor Kuromatsu developed a tauren extract from the nutrients of the Gorugomes fruits which is also found in tuna fish. To maintain the tauren extract, Professor Kuromatsu and Mammoth Mutant attacked different places that had tuna including Taro Kumakura's shop. His father was injured trying to fight Mammoth Mutant and ended up hospitalized. Following its latest battle with Kamen Rider BLACK, Mammoth Mutant retreated to take another drink of the tauren extract when Kamen Rider BLACK followed it to Kuromatsu's lab where it accidentally destroyed it with its attacks. When Kamen Rider BLACK got frozen and pinned by Mammoth Mutant's attack, he activated the Power Stripes to thaw the ice on him. He chopped off Mammoth Mutant's left tusk before being killed with the Rider Kick.