The Mamma Aiuto Gang are the secondary antagonists of Porco Rosso. They are first shown kidnapping fifteen little girls, one of whom points out that they never bathe. When they find out that Porco (the protagonist) is on his way, they try shooting him, but two of the girls stop one. When the plane lands on the water from being shot down, and Porco makes a signal telling them he'll give them loot to repair it if they'll hand over the girls and the gold they stole. Much to their leader's dismay, his followers allow the girls to leave.

Much later, the Air Pirates begin robbing the Queen of the Meditteranean Cruise line, even though it meant shooting down its two fighter pilots. After they steal all of the money, the pirates say, "We're coming for you, Porco Rosso. Argh, ack, argh! Get off of me!" (The latter being because some of them are crowding the rest). By the time Porco comes back from Milan, they have hidden inside his tent and prepare to kill him, but Fio defends him.