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The ''''Mamaroneck Ghost Train is a spectral construct driven by the Phantom Train Conductor in Mamaroneck.


In the summer following the Ghostbusters' return from the Collectors' Limbo, a Ghost Train began terrorizing the town of Mamaroneck. The Ghostbusters were hired to take care of the problem. Peter Venkman and Kylie Griffin responded. Just after closing a train station and taking initial P.K.E. sweeps, the duo was attacked by the flying construct. Peter utilized the Proton Bazooka and dispersed the train with one blast. The conductor ghost was easily captured without his train to protect him.


The Ghost Train is based off an actual steam train from the 1800s.


  • The Ghost Train bears the #15, the favorite number of colorist for the ongoing comic book series Luis Antonio Delgado.
  • On page 11, Doc Brown's miniature train model from "Back to the Future Part III" is seen amongst the falling debris from the spectral locomotive after being blown up by Peter.

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