Mama scarface

Mama Scarface is best-known for being the main antagonist of the 2008 Turok game, and before her is Roland Kane

Mama Scarface is a gargantuan T-Rex and the main antagonist of the Turok franchise. She has a giant bleeding scar on her right eye, which made her go blind on one eye, like Sharptooth. In the lost land chapter where she first appears, the bleeding scar was there but Turok did not battle her in that chapter. How she got her first giant bleeding scar is unknown.

The lost land chapter is where she first appears, crashing through lines of trees and eating MG soldiers, while not bothering to attack Turok or Slade. She then attacks again on the level Mother Superior where she eats Gonzalez while he and Turok where on the search for the comm unit. Turok tries to stab her eye but she knocks him down before he can kill her.

Prototype Mama Scarface

A possible prototype of Mama Scarface

She shows up on end of the road where she terrorizes MG soldiers exiting the base's gate and blocking access to Kane's headquarters. She appears one last time on the last level. An eye for an eye, right after Turok kills Kane. Turok then battles the T-Rex one last time before he finally kills her by planting a grenade in her injured eye,which blows up half of her face.