You look even better than they told me, Gaijin. It will be such a waste to cut your pretty face. But since you're rude enough to women... ORA!
~ Mama San Sasori, facing Scott
You fight hard you brute. Spare your humble servent, Lord.
~ Mama San Sasori, begging Scott for mercy after her defeat.

Mama San Sasori is the secondary antagonist of Red Steel video game 2006. She is the mistress of Tokai Kawaji, the main antagonist.


Mama San Sasori is a crime lord that controls the Geisha district in Tokyo, under the command of her boss Tokai.

When Scott faces her, she told him that he looks better then they told her and it would be a waste to hurt his "pretty face". When Scott defeates her she begges him for mercy, as saying that she is "his humble servent and he is her lord". Scott can either choose to kill or spare her. If she is spared, her fate is unknown, but it's possible that she was taken to the authorities. After that she was never seen again for the rest of the game.


Mama San Sasori looks very beautiful, seductive and charming, but her inner person hides a murderous and psychotic female charecter. She is willing to follow every order from her boss Tokai.