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Mama Gunda is the main antagonist of Tarzan II. She is a short, but overbearing, gorilla who is Uto and Kago's mother.

By the end of the movie, Mama Gunda does redeem herself by falling in love with Zugor, an old ape who is capable of being every bit as bad-tempered as she is but also commented on her having "beautiful eyes" - Mama Gunda became very flattered (likely having never been complimented before) and called off her initial plan to take over the jungle: she and Zugor then headed back to the outskirts to form their own community.



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In Tarzan II

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Despite her small size, she's capable of controlling her sons to the point of being mildly abusive towards them: She had a very nasty personality that has seen her and her sons kicked out of numerous gorilla communities, this has made her an outcast of sorts amongst gorillas and only served to make her more of a bully towards others.


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