Evil? No... Visionary! I feel power building inside me. I see a world that only I can create. It was Azmuth who thought me me flawed. He gave me the name Malware. But I am not the flawed one. It is all the rest that are inferior. They bend and stretch, mimic and manipulate only what others have created. I do not upgrade other's creations, they upgrade me! And I will upgrade myself with Azmuth's greatest creation.
~ Malware

Malware is one of the three main antagonists of the first two arcs of Ben 10: Ominverse, as well as the main antagonist, and is a psychotic, deranged, mutated Galvanic Mechmorph. Seeking of destroying his father (Azmuth) with his greatest creation, the Omnitrix. Six years later, he formed "The Faction" with Dr. PyschobosKhyber and Zed.

He was voiced by the famous voice actor, Corey Burton.


During the creation of Galvan B, his birth was incomplete when Azmuth shutting down the Helix. Born as a yellow, skeleton-like mutant, he gain the power of advancing himself by absorbing and corroding any machinery under his touch.

Five years prior to Omniverse

Azmuth promising him to repair him of his condition and few years have past, becoming psychotic and impatient. He crashed on Galvan Prime and started heading for Azmuth's headquarters after defeating the Galvan forces and Ben Tennyson. Angered by Azmuth's lies, soon turning his attention and abducting Albedo to activate the secondary Helix. After , he becomes the new, red evil Malware and consider himself superior over his flawed race. His plan to take the Omnitrix fail and defeated by Diamondhead, he later freed himself and approach by cybernetically enhanced Cerebrocrustacean named Dr. Psychobos from the planet Encephalonus IV. Offering him a superior Omnitrix if he could get the Omnitrix itself, he agreed to his proposal and seeking out for "Ben 10." 
Malware (Original Form)

Malware (Original Form)

Malware (Omniverse)

Malware (second form)

Birth of the Nemitrix

Unable to retrieved the Omnitrix, he did scan a crude and corrupted blueprint of the Omnitrix on his hand. Returning to Encephalonus IV and entering to the lair of Dr. Psychobos, they uploaded the blueprints and built their own. Discovering most of the Ben's alien heroes have natural predators, they go with collecting predator DNAs and dubbing it "The Nemetrix." Malware is informed by the doctor that he hired a hunter to retrieved both DNA samples and Ben 10 himself.

The Faction

He and Khyber attack Plumbers Base, he steal a Tachyon Cannon and finally transforming to his superior form and distracted the Tennyson family giving a chance to steal Psycholeopterran DNA sample. After a successful plan, Malware and Dr. Psychbos form the Faction to end their enemies existence. As Khyber continued goes to collecting predator DNA, Malware lets the doctor test his Nemetrix by a test subject called "Phil"( Ex-Plumber) and learning the Nemetrix need non-sentient host. So, he goes with the Khyber's Anubian Baskuur (Zed) as Ben's villain alien-changing counterpart. Malware locating Azmuth on Earth and getting the chance of destroying Feedback (Ben's Coductoid transformation) by splitting them apart and corroding him to dust. Ben overloading him with the engerzied Omnitrix and exploded to goo.

Downfall of the Galvans

Malware come out of hiding and plans his assault on Galvan Prime, needing the security codes to pass the planetary defenses. He, Khyber and Khyber's Dog locating Ben and Rook at a festival for Bellwood's history. While, Khyber distracting Rook and Khyber's Dog distracting Ben 10. Malware steals the codes he needs and not surprised Ben's
Monster Malware

Monster Malware

arrogance over demise. After escaping from Ben 10 and flying to Galvan Prime, The Faction entered a Galvan Museum and collected Omnivoracious fossil DNA (Galvan's natural predator). His plan is destroying Galvan B and the doctor, hunter and the mutt distracting Azmuth, Rook and Ben by leading them off his scent. He flies to Galvan B and eliminating all of the Galvanic Mechamorphs, entering the core and absorbing the Helix energy. Ben, Rook and
Malware (Monsterous Form)

A giant Malware

Azmuth realizing his plan, he destroyed Galvan B and heads for Galvan Prime. He fused himself to the shatter pieces of Galvan B and crashing to Galvan Prime, most of his
Malware's death

End of Malware

genetic codes are heading the planets core and planning to fusing himself with the planet. Once fused with the planet, calling it "Planet Malware" and conquering the universe. Defeating Ben's transformations (Humongosaur and Way Big), he becomes a Godzilla-like creature as he grows 600 feet tall in sizes, absorbs Ben to his body and trapping him. Unfortunately, Ben escape as Feedback and enraged of the Conductoid (Feedback's species) return. Losing to Feedback and the re-energized Galvanic Mechamorphs (with Azmuth's help of using the Helix to energized them). Reverting back to his normal form, becoming more enraged and rushing in to kill Ben and Azmuth. Too late to realized Feedback is hook his antennas to the Helix and tries to blast him. Feedback blasted and drains Malware to a stone-like statue, only to separating Malware into two Malwares (The Second and Final Form). Both stuck as dead statues. 

Follow his death, Malware's remains were put in a museum. 

Remains becoming a Mechamorph Armor

Vilgax and Albedo steal Malware's remains from the Galvan Museum Hall of Predators, and Albedo turn Malware's remains into a Mechamorph Armor. Vilgax used it to battle Ben Tennyson to obtain the Omnitrix from him. The plan failed and Vilgax was mortally injured in the warm core's meltdown.


Malware is an angry, psychotic, destructive, obsessed, and hate-fuelled being, who has always felt that his creator and father Azmuth had seen him as nothing more than a failed experiment who would never impress him; so Malware was obsessed with taking Azmuth's most precious creation, from the Omnitrix to destroying the other Galvanic Mechamorphs. Malware is vain, conceited, manipulative, and pompous, as he deeply hates the rest of his kind for always being Azmuth's perfect creations and saw them as "flawed"/"inferior" compared to him. Malware is also very hateful, problematic, argumentative, and resentful towards Azmuth, although he still considered the latter his father.

Malware is willing to work with Dr. Psychobos to get revenge against Azmuth, though he got annoyed by his opinions and excuses occasionally. He also has an intense dislike of Khyber, because the hunter is obsessed with hunting down Ben as a trophy. He also enjoys torturing his victims, as seen when he destroyed Feedback in front of Ben.

Malware doesn't find Ben to be a threat (even though Ben defeated him many times in the past). He believes that his reputation is exaggerated, though one time he called Ben the "bane of my very existence", and he eventually develops a hatred for him. It is evident from Malware's tendencies to dismiss and cover up both his own defeats and unforeseen turns of events in his enemy's favor, with disdain and assurance that it will be of no hindrance to him in the long run; that he suffered from a superiority complex.

Mortal enemies

  • Azmuth (Creator/Father)
  • Ben Tennyson (Bane of his existence)
    • Feedback: Ben's most used transformation and the known alien to defeating Malware for every battle. Out of revenge, he destroys Feedback and insuring Ben will never turn into a Coductoid again. Later, he returns  and defeating Malware for the final time with Galvanic Mechamorphs and Azmuth's help.


  • His voice actor Corey Burton also provided voice for G1 & Animated Shockwave and Megatron from Transformers: Animated series. He also provided the voice of Zeus from the God of War series. All of theses villains are main antagonists of their series. 
  • His powers and motives are similar to Brainiac,as he is able to fuse himself with technology, upgrade himself  and seeks domination over the universe.
  • Ben's Conductiod form (Feedback) is his number 1 nemesis because his power of redirecting energy is threat and can destroy him.
  • Malware is a big threat to the universe, slightly close to Aggregor. Both of the villains are enemy of Ben Tennyson, they have modified themselves, change into monstrous forms and have pure hatred of Ben 10.